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Lensmate SX520 HS, SX50, SX40, SX30, SX20, SX10 & SX1 Filter Adapter 58mm

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Now there's a way to mount filters on your SX520 HS, SX50, SX40, SX30, SX20, SX10 or SX1 IS.

  • The Lensmate SX filter holder will accept any 58mm threaded filter with no vignetting at any focal length.
  • Each is CNC-machined of Delrin to high tolerances, and bayonets onto the lens barrel quickly and securely.
  • A central knurl makes it easy to hang on to when attaching filters or mounting it on the camera.
  • Tip: Leave your polarizer in the holder for quick changes.

Canon SX50 - why you need the New Version

We were surprised that Canon still used the same filter adapter FA DC67A on this camera. The lens grew significantly (.017? on the diameter to be exact) so even though the Canon filter adapter is flexible, the fit is very snug and requires an alarming amount of force to turn onto the camera lens.

We felt this change justified a new design, so we're changing our Lensmate 58mm filter adapter appropriately. Though the focal length of the SX50 HS has increased dramatically, the wide end remains unchanged so the 58mm filter size is large enough to avoid vignetting at the wide end.

We also made some changes that allow our new SX50 HS filter adapter to be used on all other Canon SX series cameras (SX40, SX30, SX20, SX10 and SX1). In fact we think the fit and locking action is improved over previous models of our 58mm filter adapter.

Why use the larger 67mm filter adapter when it's not necessary? It just takes up more space and uses more costly filters. The 58mm Lensmate filter adapter does not vignette at all at full wide (24mm) using a full depth polarizer.

  1. Why did you not make an adapter like the Canon S5?
    Unlike the Canon S5, the SX50, SX40, SX30, SX20, SX10, SX1 does not have a mount at the base of the built in lens, so a tube adapter is not possible - given the restrictions of the SX50, SX40, SX30, SX20, SX10 & SX1 design, attaching a filter adapter at the end of the zoom lens is the best solution.
  2. Why did you make the SX50/SX40/SX30/SX20/SX10/SX1filter holder 58mm in thread size?
    We made the filter holder as small as possible while still being able to use the entire range of the cameras zoom lens with no vignetting. Keeping the filter size at 58mm allows a better range of filter options and keeps the cost down since filters 67mm and larger cost more.
  3. I've seen an aluminum filter adapter that looks like the Lensmate SX filter adapter. Isn't metal superior to the Delrin™ of the Lensmate?
    One of the reasons the Lensmate SX filter adapter is machined from Delrin™ is because of its inherent flexibility which allows the locking mechanism to work with negligible wear on the camera. We obtained a copy of the aluminum knockoff and noticed immediately that it was scraping away the relatively soft plastic resin of the cameras lens barrel when we attempted to mount it due to its lack of flexibility and relative hardness.

  4. Can I use a macro lens or filter?
    Yes, we recommend the Raynox DCR-250 macro lens. At about +8 magnification, it's fairly powerful. Experiment with different focal lengths. It gets challenging to hand hold at the longer focal lengths, and a tripod will get the best results. Note that you cannot attach the Raynox DCR250 directly to the cameras zoom lens, it requires the Lensmate 58mm filter adapter to mount the lens using the spring loaded mount. It can also be mounted with a 58-43mm step ring. For some excellent Macro samples see our  SX50, SX40, SX30, SX20, SX10 & SX1 customer gallery.

    Photograph by: Ted Roger Karson

    Small fly compound eyes (faceted eyes) super macro taken with a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS using a Raynox DCR-250 and the Lensmate SX10 filter holder.

    Photographers Gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tedsla/

  5. Can I mount a teleconverter lens with this adapter?
    No, because the filter holder attaches to the end of the cameras zoom lens we do not recommend add on lenses like tele or wide angle because of the weight.
  6. Can I use the Canon hood with the filter holder?
    No, because the filter adapter attaches in the same place the hood does. There are other wide-angle hoods that can be used in its place, like the Hakuba 58mm wide collapsible rubber hood sold on site. The Hakuba hood threads into the filters thread, or directly to the filter holder.
  7. Can I use the original lens cap on the filter holder or filter?
    No, the original lens cap only fits on the cameras lens and has 52mm diameter. The filter holder is designed for 58mm filters and accepts a standard 58mm lens cap.
  8. Can I use more than one filter?
    Stacking filters or using step rings may cause vignetting.
  9. What is the difference between a double coated filter and a HMC?
    HMC means multi-coated or six layers of a coating (three per side) that greatly reduces flares when shooting into the sun or when the sun strikes the filter. Double coated would be 2 layers, a single coating per side.
  10. Why do I need a polarizer? do I need a linear or a circular polarizer?
    A polarizer deepens blue skies, saturates colors, and takes the glare off water and glass. For an excellent comparison see below. You can use either a linear or a circular polarizer with the SX50, SX40, SX30, SX20, SX10 & SX1. A circular polarizer is a linear polarizer with an added element, which is required by some cameras - though none of the camera models we make adapters for.
  11. How is the Hoya Moose polarizer different from a regular polarizer?
    This unique filter is the result of a collaboration between Hoya and respected wildlife photographer, B. Moose Peterson. It combines the advantages of a polarizer with the warming effect of an 81A filter.

    polarizer sample
    Place your cursor over the image to see what it looks like when a polarizer is used. The two images were taken a few seconds apart, no post processing.

I just received your adapter today. It fits perfectly. Thank you!!!

I've bought several different adapter rings, all claiming to fit the SX50 and NONE do. You may wish to mention this in your description so people won't be fooled or mislead into thinking other non OEM adapters will fit the lens.

Once again, thank you and thank you to Lensmate and Delrin!!!