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Richard Franiec's Custom S95/S90 Grip

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One of the biggest improvements you can make to a tiny camera is a better way to hold it -- and that's what Richard has done for the S95 and S90.

  • The Custom Grip for the S95/S90 is individually 3D CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminium before being glass-bead blasted, black-anodized and nickel-sealed for durability and good looks.
  • The grip sits about 1.5 mm lower than the retracted lens, so it does not affect the pocketability of the camera.
  • The adhesive used for mounting the grip is VHB (very high bond) 3M clear transfer film for unparallel bonding power in all possible environmental conditions. Despite its holding power, the grip can be carefully removed without damaging the camera finish or leaving a stubborn residue. After removing it, you can cover the adhesive with the original slick backing material for storage so that you can reattach the grip later.

Please review these mounting instructions carefully before attaching the grip to the camera to avoid problems associated with improper mounting.

Once itís on, youíll enjoy the better, more secure feeling when handling your S95/S90, even one-handed.

To mount the grip to the camera, please follow the steps below:

1. Remove battery

2. Slide out battery door. In case of S90 the door should extend only half the distance shown here.

3. Without removing adhesive backing material, gently place grip on the camera. Slide it toward lens until it stops.

4. Slide grip roward battery door until notch on the side of grip makes contact with battery door lip. This is the reference position for properly mounted grip.

5. View of battery door and clearance notch

6. Another close up.

7. Fully close battery door. Use soft cloth and drop of rubbing alcohol to remove any impurities from the mounting area. Do not rub white "Canon" logo. Wipe dry

8. Peel off backing material from the adhesive strips. Don't touch the sticky side with your fingers.

9. Extend the battery door just like for dry run routine (In case of S90 make sure only lip extends past the side of camera). Very gently put the grip on the camera in close vicinity of mounting area. Do not apply any pressure at this time.

10. Very gently perform final positioning adjustments.

11. Re-check if the grip's (curved) wall is against camera side and the notch against the battery door lip.

12. When you are satisfied with the layout, proceed to the next step.

13. With the battery door supported with your finger, simultaneously press the grip down and from the side firmly towards the camera in both respective points.

14. Keep pressing in different spots, always towards the camera body at given spot. This will ensure the uniform bond.

15. This is how the grip notch should coincide with the battery door opening

16. And this is how it should look from the bottom.

17. And from the side.

18. Suggested holding style to get the most from the grip as an ergonomic enhancement.