Richard Franiec Accessories


Custom Grip (CG)

Both G7 and G9, despite  beautiful design are lacking in the handling department due to insignificant grip and slick body finish. This is even more evident when external flash or auxiliary lenses are attached. One handed shooting is difficult even with "naked G" and next to impossible with large Speedlite’s.

Attaching Custom Grip dramatically changes handling characteristics of theG7/G9 One handed shooting is safe and manageable, pulling cam from the pouch or even carrying  it on the field is much easier and secure. Note: Custom Grip is not a substitute for wrist or neck strap, which should be mandatory when handling "G" with or without the grip.

Custom Grip is attached to the body with carefully chosen double sided adhesive strip. Field testing for well over the year now, shows that adhesive is very effective in wide range of environments. Specific mounting instructions are attached to every grip shipped.

Custom Grip can be carefully removed when needed/desired. The adhesive will not leave residue or damage the camera finish in any way and the tape will stay on the grip. Same strip can be reused several times without noticeable loss of bonding power, when slick backing material is applied on the exposed surface.

The grip is approximately ¼ inch thick and will not interfere with the fit into majority of bags and pouches. The exception is rangefinder style fitted case from Canon. Some users are attaching G7 Custom Grip to the outside of this case with satisfactory results.

G7/G9 with the grip attached will fit into Ikelite housing, but this is not the case with Canon dedicated UW case.

The CG is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and black anodized.

Note: There are two camera specific grips CG7 and CG9. They are very similar, but the design is different. When ordering, the designation must be specified to assure proper fit.


Thumb Rest (TR) also known as "Black Dot"

Thumb Rest work in tandem with Custom Grip and is proven as an essential component in making the grasp most effective. This combo based on triangle principle is by far more complete, then the CG or TR alone

For proper handling of the camera with both accessories attached, please, observe following tips.

  1. Bottom corner of the camera and pinkie sits on the palm of your hand.
  2. Two middle fingers overlap the CG.
  3. The tip of the thumb presses on the dish like surface of the TR

The operative word is tip of the thumb as opposed to flat of the thumb. At first, holding the combo might feel awkward, but after a few try's the thumb will "learn" the location and the feel of the TR and will "look" for it. Other benefit of the TR is containing the thumb in one specific spot, thus preventing inadvertently touching the function buttons.

TR is attached the same way as CG using the same adhesive tape and is made using same material and finishing as BR&CG. Its low profile does not make camera bulkier.


Custom Hot Shoe Cover (CHSC)

Recently developed CHSC provide many benefits for the "G" and other cameras
including EOS series. Below is the list of most obvious ones:

  1. Contacts protection. Due to exact tolerances the CHSC seals the contacts from dust and moisture, the main contributors to corrosive effect of elements.
  2. Hot Shoe frame protection from bending in the event of abrupt contact with solid object.
  3. Snagging prevention, when the camera is pulled out from pocket or pouch.
  4. Enhancement of "finished", more streamlined look of the camera.

CHSC is precision machined from black Delrin, dense material from nylon family, known for it's wear resistance due to natural lubricity and used in many applications as a metal substitute, for example, in round and linear bearings. Delrin has very low conductivity. Due to the specific properties it was chosen as ideal material for the application.

The cover is specifically designed to not to disable build in camera flash, when inserted, making it unique in the HSC world. Three types of CHSC are currently available:

  1. With "G" logo - dedicated to Powershot G series.
  2. Without logo - for other Canon cameras.
  3. With "S" logo, specifically designed for Powershot S5IS.

Note: S5IS micro switch deactivating onboard flash is located on the opposite side of the rail. When ordering, please, specify the designation of the camera




Black Ring (BR)

Originally developed to replace silver lens ring of G7, it fits G9 as well and is popular as the replacement of the factory ring with silvery band. The idea behind the BR was to make the cam less obtrusive when shooting the street scenes or social gatherings.

The BR is CNC machined from solid bar of 6061 aluminum and black anodized, then nickel sealed.


Custom Mechanical Cable Release Adapter

The adapter is made from the same material as the CHSC for it's ideal properties for the application.

It is simple snap on/off device securely staying in place when put in, and easy to remove as well.

I have received many mails from people interesting in macro, panorama and astro photography with "G" cameras to create something helpful.

Well this is my answer to their prayers. Adapter will be offered without the cable because many people have older ones from the film era.

Also, this will allow to use individually preferred lengths.